Raleigh Building

When we were thinking about what brand of bikes we wanted to carry, it was unanimous that we would carry Raleigh bicycles. Sure, Raleigh had been outspent in advertising dollars for years by other brands and had not sponsored national teams since the mid-1980s. This strategy got Raleigh back to doing what it does best: making fine bikes at affordable prices. We also wanted a brand with a heritage. Last year Raleigh celebrated its 125th year in business, spanning three centuries of building quality bikes and watching the fads come and go.

We like that Raleigh believes that bicycles have souls and that they ought to be handed down; bikes are not disposable and should be revered for their attributes, beauty, and utility. Like Raleigh, we cannot say that bikes will solve the world’s problems, but we can say for sure that they don’t add to them.   So, remember the joy of riding and come join us!

Take a look at the Raleigh line. You will be impressed by the breadth of the selection, from well-made kids’ bikes, to cool and comfy cruisers, to sexy mountain bikes, 29ers, and the newest “cross” and racing bikes. Check out the line and come for a fitting!!

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